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LaLa Land Recordings is a brand new production studio in West End, Brisbane. ​Built by producer, Dion Shaw for local producers & Artists

With the idea of having both a beautiful space and fully functioning space. No longer do you need a gigantic studio with no windows, full of knobs and sliders that you never use.

LaLa Land is a very comfortable space with an ever evolving list of gear. 

Dion Shaw has been in the industry for over 10 years. Starting out in a local Brisbane band and slowly moving to production, living in Sydney & LA. Dion is a RnB, Pop & Rock Producer who has had songs played on Triple J and landed on multiple Spotify/Apple Playlists - including NMF.  . 

If you're another producer wanting to use the space - 

1 cord plugs everything in to your laptop. Once you're plugged in you have complete control of all the gear and the full studio. We are also looking to share the studio with other producers. So if you would like to become a tenant just send over an email. We'd love to show you through the space and have a chat!



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